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My 1970's Decor is Killing Me

Here are the floors in my entryway:

So I uploaded one of these puppies on to this site and it gave me this:
I'm thinking of using the "dull" blue-ish green as a wall color in my foyer and just owning the floors.  I will show THEM who's boss!

I really hate laying tile.


School Starts!

We are just a few short days away from school starting!  We got to meet the new teacher and do the whole kindergarten evaluation thing on Thursday.  The night before, I put this together for her.
And also I made a mom card prototype (different from my work business cards-that mention that I work at a church and therefore people kind of freak out about drinking merlot in front of me, which is totally ridiculous.)

And then I did a bit of painting with Ethan in the mom cave:
Hee Hee.



Mission Accomplished.


This Week

 I got a bit sidetracked when my gorgeous sister called to remind me that Mom's 50th birthday was less than 6 weeks away (*gasp).

Thanks to Pinterest and Craigslist (33 wineglasses for $10-woot!) Mom's party will be epic.  She was with me when we found these on the super clearance aisle at Hobby Lobby:
I paid $1.50 apiece for them and they are now living happily ever after in the Mom Cave.  Those are my handy-dandy aprons and the second love of my life (my cordless drill-thanks again dad!).

Speaking of which, check out the progress on the Mom Cave here.


My Favorite Things

My favorite things:
  Getting this light fixture on clearance at Lowe's for $11.  $11!!  I win.
Zoomed: Portfolio 3-Light Brushed Nickel Transitional Track Lighting Fixture
     Ben growling and then saying "Cooz Me". I am sure it was my husband who taught him to take pride in his burping abilities.  He's practicing.
     Saw that one coming didn't you?
There is a point to this.  I read about a "Favorite Things" party on Pinterest (Here).  I want to host one at my house, with a "Holidays" theme.  Basically, everyone will bring 5 of their favorite craft, recipe, product, etc.  We'll do a swap (and drink inordinate amounts of wine) and trade our favorite holiday stories. I want to host it early enough that we can adopt each other's projects and finish them in time to use in our homes/celebrations THIS year.  So I'm throwing a holiday party in September.  Sounds amazing, huh?