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I'll do that.

I love projects.  Any kind of project.  Redecorating.  Organizing.  Cleaning.  Assembling.  Husband.

I do it all.

I love projects so much that I am not always logical about saying "no" to them.  I like the gratification of completion, the sometimes extreme change in scenery or function, and I never met a paint chip I didn't like.

Pinterest is like crack for me.

I should be better about focusing on one or two projects, but I see something amazing and immediately my brain squeals, "I"ll do that!"  Don't worry, I never squeal out loud.  That would be obnoxious.

So on these pages you will find completed projects, in-progress projects, and projects still in the "Owl Do That" file. Just look to your right and click the page you want to look at! Leave me your ideas, comments, suggestions, words to stroke my ego and validate my project obsession to my husband, etc.

P.S.  I pick on my husband. A lot.  And he hates it.  But you should know that he is a pretty amazing guy and I couldn't find a better father to my boys if I tried.  And I did. Try, that is.