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Laundry Room Organization

I have a feeling I will have to divide this up at some point.
So this is my laundry room niche.  It was previously home to my broom and a trashcan: not exactly a good use of space.  I had some white shoe shelves that were in my garage unused, so I stacked them 3 high and 4 deep.  They are only 5" tall, so it was impossible to find baskets/bins that would fit in easily, until I was at the Dollar Tree and had a moment of inspiration!

I found these throw away tin pans 2/$1, but they were ugly.

I love Hobby Lobby.  This is "Green Apple."

Some scrapbooking scraps and my trusty glue gun later...


Perfect.  Short enough that my 5-year-old can get/put away whatever he needs (hooray for self-sufficiency!)

The "name" bins are for socks.  I hate folding socks.  Hate. It.  So I refuse, because this is America.  So I sort the socks by owner and everyone just grabs a couple that resemble each other and go.


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