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Kitchen Project

There will be pictures. Lots and lots of pictures.

So I've been keeping this particular project under wraps.  Only a chosen few have been given updates, and we've been living as hermits to avoid anyone peeking.  (Mostly at our mess, but we'll pretend that my house was immaculately organized during this particular reno and we were just trying to keep the reveal a surprise.)

So first things first.
From the listing when we bought the house.

From a different angle.

The first thing was the cutout:

Then came the new dishwasher (out of necessity).  The 1972 model crapped out on us.

Yes, those are dirty dishes.  The old one crapped out on me, remember.  And this girl does NOT hand wash dishes.

Next up: New Countertops are coming!  So choose a backsplash!

I hate grout.  Cleaning it is awful.  Can you guess which one I went with?

Next up, Demo:
Lovely floral backsplash tile.

Odd little shelves that served no function.

Look at what we found.

I bet the floral tiles went AWESOME with this paper...

A new skim coat.

Old cruddy sink and faucet.

Microwave removed, cabinet doors off.
Next Up: Countertops

The night before the install...


Installing the New Microwave:
Old Cabinet was too Tall for the new Microwave to fit.  Time for more demo...

Removed the shelves and vent.

Move some electrical

Mock up of the microwave to find the perfect height. (I'm 5'4"... there is definitely "too high" in my world."

INSTALLED: This was actually one of the harder parts of this job...

Painted out the top shelf Black as Dad suggested. I LOVE how it turned out...

Perfect place for cookbooks.


Total: 14 tiles Total Cuts: ~5 million.  Thanks, Dad!

I did the tile mounting.  

Inching ever closer...

I used a "Wallpaper" cover and printed up my switch covers.  

New electric outlets as well!

A little paint:

Replace the Hardware

Found this handy dandy dishwasher sign on Etsy.  It's awesome.

A little Kitchen Art (found on Pinterest)

Under cabinet lights are in.


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