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Front Door Side Window Thingy's

Yeah. I still don't know what they're called. But mine have been covered by a very lovely paper shade for many months.

I started pricing window coverings forever ago. It's friggin' impossible to walk into a store and buy them off the shelf and the cheapest I could order were nearly $80. Nope.

So I trekked down to the nearest trading post and began scheming. (I walked aimlessly around Hobby Lobby for 2 hours.)

Here's what I ended up with:

2 oversized red buttons
A sewing kit
5 yards of linen colored batiste (at a whopping $3/yard!)
A dowel rod

Grand total: $27

Step One: cut dowel rods to fit inside the windows.

Step Two: Cut fabric in half lengthwise.

Step Three: Measure out the length of your window, plus 1 inch. The extra inch is for the fun of it. Place your dowel rod on the mark.

Step Four:  Staple the sides of the fabric to the ends of the dowel rod. Staple straight or you will have to redo it! So I hear. I've also used hot glue instead of staples. Anything to not have to sew.

Step Five: Wedge the dowel rod into the frame with the staples facing the top.

Step Six:  This is the fun part! Tie the front layer in a knot. Or gather it together and bind it with a tassel. A bow. Or a giant red button! I "sewed" it on with yarn.

Step Seven: Rinse and repeat!